Poisoning: Ghanaians react to the alleged cause of John Kumah’s death as NPP bigwigs fingered


Following the confirmed reports of NPP’s John Kumah’s death, a tragic rumour that has landed on the internet alleges that he was poisoned.

Recall that a few weeks ago, Captain Smart alleged during an appearance on his ONUA Maakye show wildly alleged that John Kumah, Chairman Wontumi and Andy Appiah Kubi had all been poisoned by some members in their own party.

As alleged by vociferous Captain Smart who speaks with vigour, some NPP bigwigs intentionally poisoned John Kumah because they were threatened by the fast pace of his success.

In his own words;

“John Kumah had a meeting with some bigwigs. The plan was that John Kumah would become more successful so the people thought that he was getting to a level that they could not compete with him”

Captain Smart noted that John Kumah was able to find out that he was intentionally poisoned by his party members so he went to seek medical help in India but unfortunately, he has still died.

Captain Smart continued that;

“Pick your phone and ask Chairman Wontumi if he did not eat the food. So when they got to know that those following John Kumah came to know that Chairman Wontumi was reacting to the news, they felt John Kumah was okay”, he said.

Ending his jaw-dropping allegations, he said; – “So, John Kumah was intentionally poisoned and he is aware. I can tell you the date and time he went to India to heal himself, see, he has suffered a lot”.


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