Patience and the grace of God prevented me. I almost used my gun


Ghanaian Award-winning ex-footballer, Odartey Lamptey has disclosed that he almost used his gun when he discovered the three children he had taken care of all his life were not his children.

However, patience and the grace of God prevented him from taking that action which would have landed him in prison.

Odartey Lamptey, Gloria Appiah Divorce: Ghana footballer who DNA show all  en children no be en own - Read all we know - BBC News Pidgin
Ex wife of Odartey Lamptey Gloria Lamptey

“When the issue happened I wanted to use my gun. It was in my Tundra but I decided I would not do anything to jeopardize my life so I did not use it. I was broken but I was very patient about it and that has led me to where I am today. I believe it was God who spoke to me and so I decided not to use my gun. It used to be in my Tundra but I decided not to touch the gun again.

I’ve my own children and family now and people even come to me to learn from how I have been able to emotionally handle it. My ordeal gave men awareness and the confidence to check the parternity of their children. Some have not been able to handle the shock but some have been able to,” he said while speaking to Dan Kwaku Yeboah.

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Odartey with his current wife and kids
On his relationship with the children, he indicated that his Lawyers advised him to stay away from them so he did and has not had any contact with them since the case was in court.

He, however, indicated that he has nothing against them because it is no fault of theirs that things turned out the way it did and he is always ready to support them when the need be.



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