Pastor ordered by Manhyia Palace to slaughter 4 sheep, Pay 20k for snatching church members wife


The Pastor of the 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies located at Adeabeba in Kumasi Mr Macaiah Addai
appeared before Manhyia palace on Tuesday June 13 for snatching his church member’s wife.
Accompanied by his church members, Pastor Macaiah Addai was found guilty of the charges against
him by the five-member panel at the Asantehemaa’s palace.
Pastor Macaiah Addai who already has three wives was ordered to slaughter four sheep to pacify the
gods of the land and atone his sins.

Pastor Macaiah Addai left and Gloria Amponsa the snatched wife right

A prominent chief in Kumasi pleaded on behalf of Pastor Macaiah to lessen the punishment. His
pleadings was accepted and was asked to bring two sheep which was converted into cash of GHC6000
which the man of God quickly made payment.
That was not all.

The ‘wife snatcher’ was ordered to pay a whooping amount of Ghc20,000 to his church member, Mr Kofi
Adjei whom he pastor Macaiah Addai snatched his wife and bonked.
Narrating to the 5-member panel how the man of God snatched his wife on Tuesday June 13, 2023 at
the court of Asantehemaa at Manhyia palace, Mr Adjei indicated that he married his wife Madam Glora
Amponsa and they stayed together 21 years.

He said Pastor Macaiah Addai who waited for 21years to snatched his wife and were living as husband
and wife was the one who even blessed their marriage.
This was because he (Adiei) and the wife Gloria Amponsa were full time church members of the
Association of the 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies of which pastor Macaiah handles as the Acting Head.
Mr Kofi Adjei noted that after their marriage they lived together happily for 21 years with children
without offending each other until lately his wife started misbehaving and demanding divorce.
“My wife Gloria Amponsa was always insulting, misbehaving and castigating me with unprintable words
as if l am a house boy to her anytime I ask her to do something for me at home,” he lamented.

Mr Adjei said he reported his wife’s sudden change of behaviour to pastor Macaiah Addai and the
church elders for solution but got the shock of his life.
According to him, Pastor Macaiah Addai told him point blank that his wife Gloria Amponsa had already
reported to him that she had presented bottles of schnapp to his (Adjei’s) family members to end the
For this reason, Pastor Macaiah told Mr Adjei he cannot help bring back his wife.
“Two days later l was informed that my wife was staying with Pastor Macaiah Addai as married couples
and for more than one and a half years all efforts to convince my wife to return has hit the rock,” Mr
Adjei said in tears.
In his defence at the Manhyia palace on the fateful Tuesday June 13, the man of God said he took over
Gloria Amponsa from Mr Kofi Adjei and her his wife because Gloria Amponsa told him that she had

Pastor Macaiah Addai worsened his case when he also told the panel that he has since not performed
any customary rites to the family of the woman (Gloria Amponsa) he snatched claiming he practices the
Jewdish marriage ordinances and customs where a divorced woman don’t need to be performed the
necessary traditional rites on her next marriage.
The pastor who was visibly shaking like a dog beaten by rain and hot than oven failed to answer more
tough questions from the 5-member panel made up of chiefs admitted his offence and consequently
customarily fined.
The case was adjourned to next week Tuesday June 20, 2023 for final conclusion and resolution of the

Source:  King Amoah


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