NSMQ mistress reveals her biggest failures in life


The National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) mistress, Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann, has stated that the breakup of her marriage is one of her biggest failures in life.

Speaking in an interview on Starr FM on November 2, 2023, she asserted that everyone goes into marriage with the perception that they will remain forever, however, her situation was far from reality. “When you get married, you’re expected to stay in it for life, right?

So, I consider the breakup of a marriage one of my biggest failures in life because I went in there for life and life happened,” she said.

The Dean of the School of Engineering Sciences for the University of Ghana offered advice to young women preparing for marriage stating: “First of all, you need to make wise choices and understand what you are getting into before you even get there and so know that human beings are not static.

“So, you don’t get married based on what you see at that time, note that you are going to be growing, the person may or may not grow so find somebody you can grow with,” she added.


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