NPP PRIMARIES : Gideon Boako Leads Freda Prempeh In Tano North – National security survey ( check the percentage)


A poll conducted by the National Intelligence Bureau has indicated that the Spokesperson to the Vice President, Dr Gideon Boako, will win the New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s parliamentary primaries in the Tano North Constituency.

According to the research findings, Dr Gideon Boako will win the contest between him and the incumbent member of parliament for the area Hon Freda Prempeh, who also doubles as the minister for Water and Sanitation overwhelmingly.

The poll which was announced on Asempa Fm in Accra stated that about 79 per cent of NPP delegates in the Tano North constituency have indicated that they will vote for Dr Gideon Boako; while 16 per cent of the delegates have indicated to vote for the incumbent member of parliament, however, 5% per cent of the delegates were undecided at the time of the poll.

The report, which used quantitative research design and computerised assessed telephone interviewing (CAT) technology, focused on assessing the candidates based on their vision and competence, with delegates being prioritised based on these key criteria

The delegates, the poll said, the current MPs inability to assist the constituents with jobs and other related opportunities accounted for their decision to vote for Dr Gideon Boako and also believe in the competence of Dr Boako to carry out the vision and mandate of the party with confidence and his ability to win the Tano North Constituency with a respectable margin.

According to the report, in all the constituencies across the country, Dr Gideon Boako is the only aspirant who is contesting a sitting member of parliament and has taken a commanding lead in elections where he is expected to win over the three times member of parliament with a landslide victory.

Meanwhile, the party has fixed January 27, 2024, to conduct the final leg of its internal election to elect its parliamentary candidates where almost 700 delegates are expected to cast their votes.





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