NPP keeps losing elections in Zongos because of Bawumia’s lies – Sinare


Former Ghana Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Alhaji Said Sinare has chastised the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia administration for neglecting Zongo communities across the country.

Speaking in an interview on Dwaboase on TV XYZ, the former national vice chairman of the NDC pointed out that apart from the infrastructure the erstwhile Mahama administration provided for Zongos, the Islamic communities have been abandoned completely under a Vice president who is a Muslim. “I m a Zongo boy.

All the promises the government has made to the Zongo communities, they have failed to fulfil them. Apart from the astro turfs, what have they done?” Alhaji Sinare quizzed. “They have totally failed; they have not done anything for Zongos.” He said Dr Bawumia who is the flag bearer of the governing NPP keeps on lying to the people of Zongos, adding that “Dr Bawumia can lie through his teeth and sometimes I wonder whether he is a true Muslim or not.


” The former MP explained that Zongos were being developed under the Mahama administration although a Ministry was not created to focus on the development of those communities. “Zongos are deprived communities. They lack schools, they lack good roads, good health centres,” he noted while recounting the developmental projects in Zongo communities.

Alhaji Sinare mentioned that under John Mahama as a Vice President, scholarships were given to persons in Zongos, created jobs for them and built projects for them yet Akufo-Addo who created a ministry for Zongo has not been able to match the projects of the NDC in these communities. “Why do you think the NDC always win in Zongos?

They know the truth; they know that Bawumia is the biggest liar in the world. They know NDC has never failed them,” he added. Alhaji Sinare emphasised that although the NDC delivered a lot of projects in Zongo communities, they are committed to continuing the projects when they win the elections in 2024. “We are going to improve their lives, we are going to make sure we put money in peoples’ pockets, we will tackle unemployment in the Zongo communities….And the health facilities for instance, their roads facilities, their schools. These are the basic things the Zongo needs. I know John Mahama will not disappoint,” he assured.


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