No one has immunity from prosecution in Ghana – Attorney General tells Ato Forson


The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Godfred Yeboah Dame, has in his opposition to an application by Cassiel Ato Forson to stay proceedings against him or enquire into the capacity of the Attorney General to prosecute the case due to allegations by Richard Jakpa reminded the minority leader that nobody is above prosecution.

According to the office of the Attorney General, all Ghanaians are equal and no one can be shielded from criminal prosecution. In the affidavit, the Attorney General asserts that “the instant application is a smokescreen and a veiled attempt by the applicant (Ato Forson) to abort his legitimate prosecution for actions committed as a public officer which led to the State losing colossal amounts of funds. Same is incompetent as no one has immunity from prosecution under the laws of Ghana.”

Ato Forson, Minority Leader

The office of the Attorney General further described as untrue claims by Ato Forson that the Attorney General has been colluding to wrongfully convict him. According to him ‘rather, it is obvious that the applicant’s collusion with the 3rd accused has led him to wholeheartedly believe in the truth of the fabricated allegations of the 3rd accused person.’

The Attorney General notes that he has at all material times in this case remained professional. In the affidavit, the Attorney General indicates that ‘the accused persons are bent on using any means necessary to get away with crimes committed against the Republic and must not be aided in that illegitimate endeavour through a grant of their application.

The Attorney General further states that “suspicion about the prosecution or motives for prosecution is not evidence upon which the court makes decisions and therefore the instant application is completely frivolous.


Content by: Wilberforce Asare

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