I’ve Protected You Before’ – ‘Gay’ MP Begs Angel Maxine In Viral Video


Angel Maxine, a prominent LGBTQ+ activist and transgender individual, has stirred controversy by leaking an alleged audio recording where an unidentified alleged Member of Parliament (MP) purportedly pleads to avoid being exposed.

The leaked audio features the alleged MP earnestly requesting Angel Maxine not to tarnish his reputation by disclosing certain information.

The nature of the information remains undisclosed, leaving room for speculation and curiosity.

This revelation has sparked discussions about the delicate intersection of politics and personal matters, as individuals in the public eye navigate the complexities surrounding LGBTQ+ rights and activism in various parts of the world.

The leaked audio surfaced amidst the ongoing discussion on the Anti-LGBTQ bill that continues in Parliament.

Angel Maxine, an LGBTQ+ activist and also a transgender has leaks an audio where an alleged MP was begging not to be exposed.
The alleged MP can be heard begging Angel Maxine not to defame him.


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