NDC sends strong warning to Electoral Commission


The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has asked the Electoral Commission (EC) not to repeat technical challenges encountered during the District Level Elections (DLEs).

The EC suspended the elections in some electoral areas in the Eastern and Ashanti Regions over technical challenges.

The EC rescheduled the elections in parts of the Ashanti and Eastern regions to Thursday, December 21, 2023.

Reaction to this, the NDC described the situation as a mess and advised the EC not to repeat it in the 2024 polls to prevent any untoward incidents.

In a statement, the NDC’s Greater Accra Regional Secretary, Jamal Konneh, said:
“On a new day for the elections for constituencies who couldn’t hold their elections today, we have received a release from the EC indicating Thursday 21st December 2023 as the new date for the elections. In as much as we disagree with the EC on the new date for the elections, we think the EC statement should have given reasons for the mess.”

“Moving into 2024, the region would not entertain such mess and wishes to caution the EC to abort any agenda to repeat this mess in 2024 to prevent any mayhem on Election Day.”

“The disrespect the Jean Mensah-led EC is showing to Ghanaians is what is annoying. At what point did she and her team realize the elections could not take place in some constituencies? Why didn’t they release an official statement to alert the general public on the “Late Arrival of Materials” and the Inability to conduct elections in the affected districts?”

Answers to these questions are needed because the information gathered indicates that most of the ballot papers are yet to be printed as of today, 19th December 2023.”


Source: rainbowradioradio

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