Married but haunted: The bizarre story of a nurse who snatched woman’s husband by manipulating DNA test results


In a jaw-dropping revelation on the TV3 show, Confessions with Miss Nancy, a nurse came forward to share a perplexing tale of love, deceit, and the manipulation of DNA test results. This bizarre story unfolds in the shadows of a hospital, where trust and familial bonds were shattered by a nurse’s sinister actions.

The nurse, who remains unnamed, recounted how her life took a dark turn when a handsome gentleman walked into the hospital with his three children, seeking a paternity test. Suspecting infidelity, the man was desperate for confirmation of his biological connection to the kids. Little did he know, he was stepping into a web of manipulation that would alter the course of his life.

The nurse admitted to feeling an immediate attraction to the man and a desire to have him for herself. With unethical intentions, she seized the opportunity to manipulate the DNA test results, swapping them to falsely indicate that the children were not biologically his. This deceitful act prompted the man to divorce his wife, unaware that he had fallen victim to a calculated plot.

As the nurse and the man continued to communicate, their connection deepened, ultimately leading to marriage. Now a family of four with a child of their own, the couple seemed content. However, the nurse’s conscience weighed heavily on her, especially after learning that the ex-wife had passed away, presumably due to the distress caused by the divorce.

The nurse expressed remorse and difficulty living with herself, haunted by the consequences of her actions. The revelation not only exposes the fragility of trust in relationships but also raises ethical questions about the abuse of power and manipulation within the healthcare system.

This shocking story serves as a stark reminder that the consequences of dishonesty, especially when involving matters as delicate as family and relationships, can be devastating and far-reaching. The nurse’s confession is a testament to the profound impact that deceit can have on the lives of innocent individuals caught in the crossfire of someone else’s selfish desires.



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