‘MarK KT Hammond As A Red Flag’ – Security Analyst Tells Police Force


Security Analyst, Mr. Richard Kumadoe, has asked the Police service to mark the Hon. Kobina Tahir Hammond and his constituency, Adansi-Asokwa in the Ashanti Region, as one of the “red flags” in the upcoming December, 2024 elections.

The security analyst made this statement while granting an interview on TV3 on the Monday edition of the “New Day” morning show. According to him, the conduct of the NPP MP who doubles as Minister for Trade and Industry, does not portend good signals for December 2024 general elections.

The ruling New Patriotic Party organized an eventful Parliamentary Primaries on Saturday, January 27.

In the Adansi-Asokwa constituency, it is alleged that some macho men were present at the grounds of elections and some cases of assault, according to incumbent MP, was recorded. This infuriated the incumbent MP KT Hammond, thus leading to the issuing of threats in the presence of some officers of the Ghana Police Service.

In a video circulating on social media, Hon. KT Hammond was sighted to be threatening to beat his main contender Mr. Samuel Binfoh Darkwa, to pulp. This generated some conversations within the public space with some sections of the public demanding the arrest of the MP for the “unsavory” comment.

The Security analyst maintained that, “This is a typical red flag of what is likely to happen on election day December 7, and if we don’t have large numbers of police officers in such places, the outcome will not be good’’.

Mr. Kumadoe, however, agrees that Mr. KT Hammond be invited to answer some questions. He said, “we have been warning that, during elections, key political figures like him should be mindful of what they say and their actions………. Before this elections, he had been threatening his opponent.

“He was finding ways of disqualifying them so he goes unopposed but the National Executives gave the contestants the go ahead to participate in the contest, and so I am not surprised that he is issuing threats to his opponent.

“What surprised me, however is that he made those comments in the presence of the police officers who should have arrested him immediately but they were asking him to calm down’’.

Mr. Richard Kumadoe believed law enforcement officers must act professionally and conduct their businesses in the atmosphere of fairness and be objective, adding that they should not allow the politicians to drag them into the mud.




Content by: Kobina Darlington

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