Man Jumps Bench And Attacks Judge In Courtroom In USA (VIDEO)


A new arrest report has unveiled the backstory of the viral judge attack in the United States of America (USA) and the aftermath of the incident.

A Las Vegas judge was attacked during a sentencing hearing on Wednesday – and the incident was captured on video.

Deobra Redden swore at Judge Mary Kay Holthus as she handed down the sentence, then jumped over the bench and lunged at her.

Redden was scheduled to be sentenced for a charge of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm. Before the attack, a prosecutor said Redden had a history of violent crimes and asked for a prison term. Past charges include home invasion, domestic violence and battery on a protected person.

Video below shows Deobra Redden attacking Judge Mary Kay Holthus during a sentencing hearing on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024. (Video via Clark County District Court)

Speaking on his own behalf, Redden said he was “in a better place in my mind,” had a better support system and had a new job.

“I feel like I shouldn’t be sent to prison, but if it’s appropriate for you, then you gotta do what you gotta do,” he said.

Redden’s attorney also argued for a suspended sentence, citing previous completions of probation programs, his mental health history and his background.

“I appreciate that, but I think it’s time that he get a taste of something else,” Holthus responded. “Because I just can’t with that history.”

That’s when Redden swore at Holthus, jumped over the bench and leaped onto the judge, leading to a melee as he attacked her. A man next to Holthus and a court marshal both tried to hold Redden back and subdue him.

“Hey, get off her. Get off her. Don’t do this!” someone yells.

Several people eventually started to hit Redden to get him to stop, though much of the response took place off-camera. Holthus can be heard yelling out during the attack, as well.

“Is she okay?” another person asks.

Someone activated an alarm and Redden could be heard yelling as people checked on Holthus. One of the court marshals can be seen holding a cloth or tissue to his head, as well.

Holthus was eventually able to stand after a few minutes, and officers escorted her out of the courtroom before ordering all other defendants out.

A marshal was taken to a hospital for examination, as well as Holthus. Both are expected to be okay.

Police later said a criminal investigation is currently being conducted.

Court records show 13 new counts were filed against Redden in response to the attack, including six felonies. He is scheduled to return to court Thursday morning for a hearing on the new charges.

Court Information Officer Mary Ann Price provided the following statement:

“Deobra Redden was present for a sentencing hearing this morning, with regard to the charge of attempt battery with substantial bodily harm. During the hearing, Mr. Redden attacked Judge Mary Kay Holthus. Judge Holthus experienced some injuries and her condition is being monitored.

The marshal sustained injuries and has been transported to the hospital. Our understanding is that he is in stable condition. We commend the heroic acts of her staff, law enforcement, and all others who subdued the defendant. The court remains committed to a safe and secure courthouse and courtrooms. We are reviewing all our protocols and will do whatever is necessary to protect the judiciary, the public and our employees.”



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