Man Dies of Heartbreak After His Wife Slept With Her Ex-Boyfriend 2 Days After Wedding


A Ghanaian man has died of heartbreak after finding out that his wife slept with her ex-boyfriend just 2 days after their wedding. The man has been identified as Shadrack Boadu aka Owura.

This is coming just a few weeks ago after he made an appearance on Aunty Naa’s show and according to him, his wife went back to sleep with her ex-boyfriend named Alex just two days after their wedding.

According to Owura, his wife named Lousia refused to scrub both their bathroom and toilet on the basis that he was not her class and she only agreed to marry him out of pity.

As disclosed by Owura, despite being married to Louisa, she was still sleeping with her ex-boyfriend and every time he confronted her; She told him to divorce her so that she could go back to her true love.

Aside from the cheating, Louisa made living on Earth feel like Hell for him because his mother-in-law was in support of her daughter’s extramarital affair.

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