Man catches lady who refused to show up after collecting transport fare, locks her up


Drama between a man and a woman who has been avoiding him despite paying for transportation to see him erupted.

When she finally made it to his house, the young man caught her off guard and made the decision to repay her by imprisoning her in his flat. He added that although his friend had provided the woman money three times, she had not kept her promise to visit him. He resisted letting her go on the day she eventually arrived.

After the visit, she wanted to leave his home, but he reminded her of how she frequently took money from him without showing up.

After the visit, she wanted to leave his house, but he reminded her that he never forgot how she would frequently take money from him without showing up.


He would not open the gate for her despite her wailing and panic. He made fun of the woman in Pidgin for falling for his trap.

Content by:  Ezie Innocent

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