Man cancels wedding few hours to the event – Here’s why


A family in Sokyot village, Kipkaren ward, Mosop constituency, Nandi, county is heartbroken after their daughter’s fiancé cancelled their wedding at the last minute.

Why Nandi groom cancelled wedding Speaking to Kenyan widely read media,, the bride’s village mate revealed the lovebirds had planned to hold their pre-wedding on December 22, but it never happened.

“Everything was well planned, and people were waiting for the big day. But on December 21, the groom sent the bride a message telling her he had cancelled the wedding. He said he was not ready and had changed his mind,” she claimed.

The source alleged that the groom’s mother loved his baby mama, and she returned a few hours before his wedding to the other woman.

The bride has a baby with the groom as well, and upon hearing the news, her mother was shocked, collapsed, and was rushed to hospital.”

The groom, who hails from Nandi Hills, has been updating his Facebook account and seems unbothered by what happened.

Other men called off weddings Meanwhile, earlier reported that a couple whose names were withheld went viral after the groom reportedly called off the wedding on the day of the marriage ceremony.



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