Mahama reveals how his next Cabinet will look like if elected


The 2024 Flag bearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), former President John Dramani Mahama has vowed to form the most youthful government ever in the history of Ghana if elected as president during the general elections.

He explained that per the demographics of the nation which indicates that a majority of the population are youth, it was only appropriate that the youth would form a majority when setting up his cabinet.

“One of the promises I leave you young people with is that the NDC cabinet post January 7, 2025 is going to averagely be one of the youngest cabinets in the history of this country,” the former President said.

“If you look at the demographics of our country and you know that the majority are young people then definitely, if you’re setting up a cabinet, young people must be the majority in that cabinet,” he added.

Former President John Dramani Mahama made the promise at the unveiling of party’s National Youth Wing Secretariat and Campaign Office.

He also promised to carve out a Ministry of Youth Development from the existing Ministry of Youth and Sports as a vehicle to mainstream the interests of the youth in all sectors of the economy.

“We are going to separate youth from sports because it’s a Youth and Sports Ministry but over the years, what we know is that the concentration is just on sports and even that it’s just on the Black Stars at the expense of every other sports. So even if they can’t get time for other sports, do they have time for youth development?” He said.

Former President Mahama stressed that the new ministry would focus on rolling out strategies that will create jobs for young people by supporting his 24-hour economy policy.

He said the ministry of Youth Development would collaborate with businesses and industries to encourage them to sign on to the initiative so that we can employ more young people.

“And when that happens we will give that incentive to set industries so that he can be able to lower the cost of production and employ even more,” the 2024 Flag bearer of the NDC added.




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