Lawyer Maurice Ampaw drops shocking allegations and accusations against Late Grace Boadu’s family


Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who knew the late Dr Grace Boadu outside of social media has dropped a set of shocking allegations and accusations against the family of the deceased.

According to the controversial legal practitioner, the late Dr Grace’s own family spiritually and physically worked against her.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Kasapa FM, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw went deep into the never-ending contention between the late Dr Grace Boadu and her family.

As explained by Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, the late D rGrace Boadu’s family were peeved about the fact that she wasn’t giving them enough money despite all that she was doing for them until her timely demise.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw continued that, the late Dr Grace Boadu’s uncles were always angry that she wasn’t giving them enough money – And because of this, he once held a meeting with them for their grievances to be heard.

Talking about why the late Dr Grace Boadu never married, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw claimed that her family made sure she never tied the knot with any man he brought home because they assumed they were only after her money.

He further stated that all the men Dr Grace Boadu wanted to marry were attacked both spiritually and physically.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw also recounted how Osofo Bible Nokwafo was once arrested by Dr Grace Boadu’s family.


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