Lady narrates how she landed herself into ritual money and what she has been asked to do for the rest of her life


A 24-year-old lady who used to work at a nightclub has taken to social media to narrate how she landed herself into a money ritual deal due to her curiosity.

In a chilling confession she made to Ms Nancy on her show hosted on TV3, the lady who did not disclose her identity revealed that she was a nightclub worker at Accra and there was this man who was mostly visiting the club to spend huge sums of money.

Out of curiosity, the lady said she mastered courage to asked the man for help since his constant visits to the club had created a bond between them.

The lady said the man only asked her to speak certain people, which she did and earn ten thousand Ghana Cedis ( 10,000) on her first assignment, after which she quitted her job and decided to venture into the business the man had introduced her to.

Fast forward, the lady said she started living happily and thought she had made it in life because she was getting enough money on every assignment she carries.

One day according to the lady, the man took her to Nigeria to see a spiritualist where they got her initiated and was told to split her incomes into three, one for charity works,one for herself and the remaining for the spiritualist.

Wanting to continue loving her best life, the lady said she agreed to the condition and on her first assignment, she earned hundred thousand Ghana Cedis (100,000) and decided to go to Nigeria to give the spiritualist his share.

However, after reaching there, she was told again that for her to continue all the goodies that come with the job, she needs to stay awake from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. for the rest of her life.

Initially, the lady said she thought she could, but now cannot and needs help.



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