La Wulomo issues stern warning to Government


The High Priest of La in Accra has issued a stern warning to the government to refrain from selling any lands belonging to the people of Ga Dangme.

According to Nii Yemo Obroni, the government has been unlawfully selling their lands and properties without the consent of the traditional authorities.

He cautioned the government to return any lands that have been sold to private entities.

“I’m the chief priest of the land – they are unlawfully taking our property without our consent,” he said this during the “Hands Off Our Hotels” demonstration on Tuesday, June 18.

He continued; “So if I’m a chief priest, I have to fight for my right because I have kids coming. So we need to tell the government that any land belonging to La, GaDangme, they should never dare. They should give our lands to us, we don’t want any problem with them.”

The La Wulomo also accused the government of collaborating with the Lands Commission to sell off lands in Tse-Addo, the Trade Fair, and some hotels in the area.

“Government collaborated with the Lands Commission – and this Commission is the worst and most useless Commission. They have been selling all our lands,” he said.



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