‘Knacking’ Pastor’s wife has destroyed my life-Man cries out


A Ghanaian man has said that he believes strongly that his current predicaments may be a consequence of a sexual relationship he had with a popular pastor’s wife.

According to the man who pleaded for anonymity, he did not know that the woman was a wife of a man of God, but as soon as it got to his attention, he ended the amorous relationship with her.

“In June 2015, I was driving through KorleGorno…someone knocked on my car window and ask for a lift. She was a woman, I was contemplating but I gave her a lift…we started a conversation and I told her what I do. She told me that she works in a church…the next day we spoke, she was very grateful and we kept the conversation going.

“One thing led to another…the best part of it was that all the expenses were from her pocket…she said she couldn’t take me to her house which is a mission house…it was later I found out that my lover was a pastor’s wife. I was shocked…she had been married for 3 years and we had been together for almost 8 months…after I got to know that she was married, I didn’t know how to handle it. I sent her a message and asked for an audience, I confronted her. She got defensive thinking I was going to blackmail her…I told my friend who knew her and attended her husband’s church about our affair. He couldn’t believe it as the couple were a big inspiration to others,” the troubled man recounted during Confessions with Ms Nancy on TV3.

He went on further to reveal that his life has been on a mysterious reverse since he broke up with the woman, and he could not figure out the cause.

“My father had always advised me to stay away from another man’s wife…for some time now, my life has been filled with misery. Nothing seems to be progressing, I have lost my car. Things are not really working since the incident and I have a feeling that the affair is the root cause,” he lamented.

He also spoke about how the pastor got wind of his illicit romantic relationship with his (pastor) wife and summoned him but he declined to meet him and the church elders out of fear.



Content  by: Yolanda Agyapong

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