King Paluta clarifies participation in Bawumia’s campaign


Musician King Paluta has addressed rumors surrounding his recent participation in campaign activities alongside Vice President Bawumia.

King Paluta explained that being captured in a bus with Bawumia was coincidental and not politically motivated.

He explained that while interacting with a personality who was recording him and offering praise, he was invited to meet Vice President Bawumia, an opportunity he accepted out of respect for Bawumia’s stature in the country.

“Aside from his party affiliation, Bawumia is a big man in the country and an elder, so should I have shunned his call?” King Paluta questioned.

In response to allegations that he received a substantial payment for his appearance, King Paluta defended himself, stating that he attended the event as part of his personal engagements.


He clarified that any compensation he received was justified, covering expenses such as fuel and other logistical costs associated with attending the event.

He stressed that his brand and services are not provided for free given his role as an entertainer.

Furthermore, King Paluta admonished Ghanaians against linking him with any political party affiliation based on his appearance at the campaign event.

He asked his fans not to be shocked should they see him at any political gathering of another party.



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