John Boadu predicts Kennedy Agyapong’s political future after November 4


Former General Secretary for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu is of the view that Kennedy Agyapong can use his numbers to gain enough influence in the party after next Saturday’s Presidential Primaries.

He says for a man whose ambition to become President started less than a year ago, becoming second in the super delegates conference is no mean a feat.

John Boadu believes that if Kennedy Agyapong is able to garner even 30% of the votes cast on November 4, 2023, he will become one of the most influential people in the political party and will influence decisions.

However, John Boadu believes that even with the commanding numbers, Kennedy Agyapong’s tangent for the campaign has not been right.

He is of the view that the Assin Central Member of Parliament(MP) should have used a calm approach to the campaign and that would have been a great tool for him rather than attacks and counterattacks.

In campaigns, you will need to guide narratives. If the narrative is guided, you won’t go on the tangent of saying things and responding to people. The problem is that he did not have the motivation that perform well. If he’s able to get even 40% of the votes, it’s a great achievement for him.

So if that is so, you have not contested before, you came second the first time, and we go for a second round, and you are able to garner 30 or 40% in terms of decision-making in the party, who will take decisions in the party and not consult you? You become a key stakeholder. So you’ll leverage the key achievement rather than the back and forth and attacks on people,” he said on Accra-based OKAY FM.



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