Is Peeing While Bathing A Healthy Habit? Know What Doctors Say


Peeing in the shower is not a topic people discuss openly in dinner conversations or over brunch with friends, but you can admit that you have let pee freely flow while enjoying the daily shower at least once in a blue moon. Even if it was an accident or you just kind of slipped out, worry not; you are not the only one. Moreover, what if we said you could actually go pee while bathing and not feel ashamed from an ecological or health perspective?

You must be wondering what we are talking about. So, let us tell you that, according to doctors and environmentalists, peeing during bath time is a good thing. Yes, you read it right.

Undoubtedly, this fact must have raised questions about one’s hygiene habits. However, according to some researchers, there is nothing wrong with peeing during bathing, provided that you do it in your shower and not when using the public bathroom. This means that the urine we pass generally is healthy and has no living organisms. It contains healthy nutrients like electrolytes and urea. So, the likelihood of causing any infection or transmitting any diseases is very low.

However, the risk of urinating in a public bathroom is that if a person you are sharing the washroom is suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI) then peeing during bathing could increase the likelihood of picking up some bacteria and developing an infection.

It is significant to note that athletes also bathe their feet in urine to remove fungus from their feet as a form of urine therapy. Furthermore, speaking environmentally, urinating during a shower saves water as no additional water is required to flush it. Countries around the world use this technique during water shortages.

As per a report by Health Line Magazine, not only urine but other fluids released by the body such as sweat, menstrual blood, phlegm and faeces can also be passed out. So, if you urinate while taking a shower, feel free to pass it.

Urine is said to be good for the skin. It is worth noting that urea is also added to cosmetics for skin protection. In addition to that, some people also drink urine to beautify their skin.


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