I’m sorry, but I will tell you the truth. They will just steal your money – Kennedy Agyapong


He says when people set up businesses and employ the services of others to run the show, the managers steal from the business to live big and also invest in their personal properties instead of ensuring the growth of the business.

Kennedy Agyapong is worried that foreign businesses are thriving in Ghana because the managers are not Ghanaians while Ghanaian-owned businesses continue to suffer due to poor management.

“I’m sorry, but I will tell you the truth. They will just steal your money, that is why they didn’t vote for me because they knew I was going to crack the whip. We will not allow people to embezzle the state funds at the expense of the poor country.

Unfortunately for them, they embezzle the funds and the only thing they know how to do is build a house. We have a huge chunk of the country is unemployed. I’m told several youths leave Ghana with the aim of getting Nursing jobs, but after paying the charges they can’t even get jobs.

God has endowed our country and what we need is leaders who act and not leaders who speak just English and cannot put food on your table. I’m not giving up on my vision and all I’m telling you is to pray for me for long life.

All I said and the mistakes I pointed out, I will work on them. I would have retired completely, but when I look at the young men and women without jobs in the country, I cannot give up. We will continue to fight. I’m not giving up”, he disclosed.


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