I’m not withdrawing, it is my platform! – Sefa Kayi scolds Miracles Aboagye


On the December 14, 2023, edition of Peace FM’s Kokrokoo, a confrontation unfolded between presidential staffer Dennis Miracles Aboagye and the show’s host, Kwami Sefa Kayi over the allocation of airtime.

The exchange took place amid discussions about the controversial lithium deal between the Ghanaian government and Barari DV Ghana Ltd, a subsidiary of Atlantic Lithium Limited. Atik Mohammed, a former General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), was also part of the discussion, opposing the lithium deal.

Miracles Aboagye accused Sefa Kayi of bias, alleging that the host was showing benevolence to Atik Mohammed by granting him extended airtime to express his views against the government’s position. The exchange between Miracle Aboagye and Sefa Kayi escalated with the presidential staffer persistently accusing the host of unfairness.

Sefa Kayi, in response, defended his position and asserted his right to control the platform, stating that the accusations of bias were unfounded. Miracle Aboagye insisted on a withdrawal of a particular point by Atik, emphasizing that the show was dedicated to Atik Mohammed, and it appeared that Atik received undue benevolence from the host.

Sefa Kayi, however, stood firm, maintaining that it was his platform and the accusations were baseless. The host then allowed Miracles Aboagye time to express his views, allocating specific time slots to Miracles, of which Atik interjected again to pass a comment which infuriated the heated confrontation.

Read excerpts of their conversation below:

Miracles: Senior, you have been unfair to me. You have to withdraw (a comment that he (Miracles) was being unfair to Atik).

Sefa Kayi: Me? I have to withdraw? After that, you come back and call me senior. You are calling me senior, and accusing me of being unfair to you, so what should Atik say? Today, you have been very unfair to Atik.

Miracles: Withdraw. Sefa Kayi: I am not withdrawing because, at the end of the day, it is my platform. There is nothing the two of you have to say anymore. Miracles: So, upon all that Atik has said on two occasions, you are coming to wrap up?

Sefa Kayi: What has he said? Miracles: Please, can I also say my own?

Sefa Kayi: What has Atik said? I can give you, like, two minutes. Miracles: Oh, how? Please, you give me five minutes.

Sefa Kayi: We are left with only five minutes, and I am giving you two minutes and Ben 3 minutes. Miracles: Today, I never knew the show was for Atik…you see, you are getting a lot of benevolence from Chairman General. Why are you interjecting me?

Sefa Kayi: Gentlemen, Atik and Miracles, this is the last time this will happen. Miracles: But he came to interject me. Sefa Kayi: I am telling you this is the last time this will happen. If anything like this happens, we will not continue.

Miracles: But what did I do? He came to interject me. Sefa Kayi: Your choice of words, but I am not talking about only you but both of you.

Source: ghanaweb

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