I’m disappointed in Ghanaians


Actor Lil Win has expressed deep disappointment in how Ghanaians responded to his recent car accident.

In an emotional interview, he criticized the reports circulated on social media and television, describing them as heartbreaking.

According to Lil Win, the media reports portrayed the incident as if it was a deliberate act on his part.

He clarified that the accident was unintentional, explaining that the car malfunctioned and the condition of the roads contributed to the incident.

“Who will want to hit the road, kill themselves, and destroy their car? I did not intend for any misfortune to befall me or even the victims. The car is a machine; anything can happen, and the roads are also a factor,” Lil Win said.

He lamented that the public narrative made it seem as though he was blood thirsty, adding that “they made it seem like I had a telescope, saw a child in the car, and decided to kill him.”

Lil Win revealed that he himself was seriously injured in the accident and nearly lost his life as he vomited blood the night after the incident.

Despite his status as a public figure and a victim, he felt that Ghanaians failed to show him the sympathy and grace he expected.

However, he indicated he is not surprised because Ghanaians are known for their ‘pull him down syndrome’.



Source: AdomOnline.com

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