IGP Tape: Atta Akyea abandoned meetings after we rejected his proposals – Committee member


Some members of the committee investigating the leaked tape concerning the removal of the Inspector-General of Police have accused Chairman Samuel Atta Akyea of neglecting meetings following disagreements over his proposed additions to the report.

The lawmaker for Abuakwa South claims that despite all members except himself signing the final report submitted to Parliament, some committee members dissent from the report’s recommendations and findings.

However, a committee member, speaking anonymously in response to the chairman’s remarks after the report’s release, stated, “He brought foreign material to the committee for incorporation. When the committee rejected his proposal, he left the committee and never returned to the committee.”

“He never attended any of the more than four meetings that took place afterwards, despite notifications from the committee clerk on each occasion. His absence was reported to the Speaker by the committee,” the member added.

The committee member further noted, “Even though the Speaker summoned him to explain his behaviour, he never appeared. The committee proceeded without him, achieving quorum with unanimous agreement on all issues.”

Atta Akyea on an agenda against Dampare; committee  report unanimous - Kwame Gyan

Meanwhile, legal representatives for the IGP assert that the chairman’s actions confirm their concerns about his bias against the IGP. Lead Counsel Kwame Gyan remarked, “What happened has fully confirmed our nightmare that the chairman had his own agenda, he was on a frolic of his own way aside the remit of the committee and we have been vindicated.”

“In parliamentary practice, the Chair appointed by the Speaker does not have an original vote; the chairman’s vote is only a casting vote in the event of a tie, which did not occur. As far as we are concerned, this report is unanimous. We know he’s part of the machinations by some unscrupulous elements who have an insatiable appetite to be IGP,” Gyan further noted.

The committee proceeded with its duties despite Atta Akyea’s absence, ultimately achieving consensus on the report.


Source: Pulse.com.gh

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