‘If I reply her, I’ll collapse her marriage’ – Kennedy Agyapong


Assin Central lawmaker and flag bearer hopeful of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is worried the leadership of the party has remained silent on certain comments coming from the Second Lady Samira Bawumia.

The vociferous Member of Parliament (MP) says he has chosen not to comment on some of the pronouncements from the Second Lady against him since his reply would collapse the woman’s marriage.

In an interview on Kumasi-based Oyerepa TV which has since gone viral on social media, Ken Agyapong was heard saying allegations about him being badmouthed about women is not true.

He buttressed his response with his silence over the Second Lady’s comments about him which he has chosen not to respond.

According to Ken Agyapong, Samira Bawumia had said he has enjoyed fat contracts from the government and become okay but now wants to put the party that has given him so much in a bad light.

In a similar development, the Second Lady had equally told delegates in the Amansie constituency to ignore Mr. Agyapong who has been saying he will ensure the NPP goes to opposition should he lose the flag bearer contest.



“We need to show in our utterances that this election is very consequential for the party and for that reason we need not to make any mistake but rather show a united front. That is why we should all rally behind someone who can win us the power. But those who are campaigning with pain and anger, saying we should go to opposition if things do not go their way, do we accept such stance?,” Samira had said.

She added that the candidate who says he would ensure the NPP goes to opposition wouldn’t get any of the benefits he enjoyed should the NPP be ousted from office.

“You claim you’ve been taken for a fool without getting anything from the government. I want to know; would you get anything when you go to opposition? Would you have any Minister, DCE to be asking for favours when you are in opposition? So maybe he is okay, his wife is okay, his children are okay, he has no issues so when he drags you along [to opposition], he is not having any problem so let’s look sharp,” she urged.

But in his reaction, Ken Agyapong says those who claim the Second Lady didn’t mention any name in her speech would be the very persons to tag him as insulting women should he also go along to respond to issues without mentioning names.

He was emphatic he didn’t want to collapse the Second Lady’s marriage.

“I have vowed not to comment. You heard what Mrs. Bawumia said about me but I didn’t reply her because if I reply her, her marriage will collapse,” he stated.

When asked by the host that his comments without clarification is impugning a certain motive, Ken Agyapong replied “I said I won’t talk.”



Content by: Felix Anim-Appau

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