I will transform Tema a free port enclave when I become president – Alan Kyerematen


The leader of the Movement for Change, Alan Kyerematen, has pledged to transform Tema into a free port enclave in Ghana should he emerge victorious in the December 7, 2024 elections.

Kyerematen believes that establishing a free port in Tema would stimulate economic activities in Ghana by enticing landlocked West African nations to utilize the Tema port as a transit hub.

He envisions that this move would foster development in Ghana, drawing parallels with the positive impact such initiatives have had in advanced countries.

During a visit to the Tema market on February 26, 2024, as part of his Greater Accra Market Tour, Kyerematen outlined his vision: “Tema, under my presidency, will become a freeport enclave. And when I talk about a freeport, we all know the benefits of a freeport enclave. You find that all the Sahelian countries and even some of our neighbouring countries that are not landlocked still will prefer to come through Tema with their cargo.”

Kyerematen emphasized that creating a freeport enclave would facilitate access to markets due to transit cargo.

He referenced successful freeports globally, such as Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and even in Africa, citing Mauritius and Togo.

However, Kyerematen clarified that the proposal is specific to the Tema port enclave and not applicable to the entire country.

He stated,

“Creating a freeport enclave does not mean that the whole country becomes a freeport. But you create an enclave that will allow transit cargo to pass through this country. And that is the only way we can also attract traffic of vessels, shipping vessels. A lot of them would like to consolidate their cargo in Ghana. If we have a free port enclave, doesn’t mean that the whole country becomes a free port,” he clarified.

Alan also denied assertions that the creation of the free port would lead to the country losing revenue.

Addressing concerns about potential revenue loss, Kyerematen dismissed such worries, “So, the issue of revenue loss does not come in. Rather you find enhanced economic activity arising out of the creation of them. So, if you want to be like Singapore, like Hong Kong… that is the way to go.”



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