I rejected American citizenship from Barack Obama – Blakk Rasta


Celebrated Reggae musician, Blakk Rasta has disclosed that he rejected an offer to become an American citizen when given the chance by Barack  Obama.

“When Obama came to Ghana he offered me the opportunity to become an American citizen, but I told him that when I accept to be an American citizen, God will punish me,” he told Amansan Krakye

“Because God brought me to Ghana and I should do all that I can to fix this country in my small way so if I run to stay in America,  God will whip me that day.



I decided that no I won’t so if I have refused all these to stay in the country I must talk and I have to speak or else there’s no need to stay there,” he stated.

According to the ‘Barack Obama’ hitmaker, he rejected the opportunity to stay in the country which is why he’s critical of politicians who see a call to service as a call to looting.

“Most of our problems are from the politicians because for them a call to service is a call to looting such that you’ve been called to help develop the country but you are just stealing,” he added


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