How the founder of Church of Pentecost rejected Duncan-Williams


On Sunday, May 12, 2024, the Founder of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, turned 67 years old and as part of the activities to mark the day, the leader of the charismatic faith in Ghana sat down for an interview to reflect on his many years in ministry.

Speaking with Bernard Avle of Citi FM/Citi TV, Archbishop DuncanWilliams recalled some of the earliest moments of his ministry and how he got rejected by some of the big names in the faith at the time. Specifically recalling one of the earliest ones after he left Bible school in Nigeria, Duncan-Williams told the journalist how he had gone to the Founder of the Church of Pentecost, James McKeown, with the hopes of being accepted to work under him.

Unfortunately for him, as he narrated, he was rejected by McKeown with the explanation that the path he wanted to follow in was not one that the CoP was interested in grooming people in at the time. “I didn’t have a mentor; I forced myself to be mentored and to get help but I wasn’t accepted.

I was talking to Bishop Dag today and I remember some of the things I had to go through and some of the people I went to see for help. I went to James McKeown, the founder of Church of Pentecost, when I came back from Bible school in Nigeria and I wanted to be an evangelist at the Church of Pentecost. “And they had had a lot of experience with people who left the church as evangelists and didn’t do right and so he said that they are not interested in an evangelist. So, he prayed for me and he let me go,” he narrated.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams also detailed how he had also gone to Archbishop Benson Idahosa in a similar attempt but was unsuccessful. He told the journalist that when he went to Idahosa, he explained to him that he (Duncan-Williams) felt that God had not called him to Ghana, but to serve in Nigeria, under Idahosa. But he said Idahosa asked him to go back to Ghana because that was actually where he had been called to.




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