How jailed MASLOC boss collected GH₵500K loan refund in cash at filling station


Details of some of the infractions that led to the jailing of the former boss of the Microfinance and Loans Centre (MASLOC), Sedina Tamakloe Attionu, have emerged. One such infraction included how she ordered for a loan sum advanced to a company to be returned in cash instead of via transfer into the Centre’s account.

Former Deputy Attorney General Joseph Kpemka, while speaking on Citi FM’s The Big Issue programme recounted the said infraction to buttress how hard it was for the defence lawyers from the get-go. He said: “If I were to be their lawyer at the beginning, I would have asked for us to do a plea bargain.

Because it was very clear that they could not have escaped. “If you look at some of the things, one of the charges; you gave out a loan to someone even without discussing interest and when the money got to the person’s account, you mentioned interest. “The person said I am no longer interested in the deal, therefore I am sending it back to you.

The best way is to send it back to an account, but in that particular case you instructed them to bring the money back to Accra and they brought it in a sack. At Baatsona Filling Station, the money was loaded into a car and driven away; I mean how you are going to defend that?” he quizzed.



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