Hookup Gone Wrong (Anonymous Confession)


I don’t know how to start this,So I do hookup to survive. I’m only 22 years old, a level 200 University student. When I completed SHS, all my friends were doing well , I felt so depressed so I grabbed the opportunity when someone introduced me to hookup.

My first payment was good ,so I decided to continue. After gathering enough money, I used some to buy forms. I wanted to stop the hookup, but you know the cost of University lifestyle .

One day, I received a call from an unknown number, demanding for my service. So I charged him 2000 Gh and he agreed to pay. I made him sent the location. I dressed up and headed there. It turned out to be his house.

The house interior was good. And the man who called me too was handsome. He started kissing me, I wanted to return it back, but he asked me to massage him instead. I started massaging him by when he turned his back, I found this big wound or sore there. I was so scared, but I decided to do my job.

Theb suddenly, he turned and asked me to lick the wound. I shouted Jesus “ . I was only wearing bra and underwear. I dashed out of the room with a speed and stopped a taxi. I got to the house only to find a message that says “How bold are you to think you can escape from your fate. Just wait! .” It was the guy.

since then, I have been having dreams. I dream about laying in a coffin and I’m so scared.

Avoid hookup .


Source: https://m.dailyadvent.com

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