Here are Mahama’s 60 key policies to restore Ghana’s ailing economy


The 2024 flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama has assured Ghanaians that he remains steadfast in fulfilling all the pledges he articulated to Ghanaians during his campaign, should he be granted the mandate to serve as President in the 2024 general election.

Addressing the 2024 NDC policy dialogue in Peduase in the Eastern Region on Friday, February 23, 2024, Mahama said “I mean business on the promises I have made and intend to keep them.”

He asserted that these initiatives could significantly enhance the country’s fortunes, particularly its economic landscape.

“Since 2021, I have outlined over 60 different policy proposals, carefully curated to restore our economy and national life in general, to a much better state,” he added.

Some of the policy measures he has outlined include:

  • Implement a 24-hour economy strategy with three (3) shifts of eight (8) hours each to; maximize productivity and efficiency; transform Ghana into an import substitution and export-led economy; enhance access to public services and create more well-paying jobs for unemployed Ghanaians.
  • Stop the economic decline and restore stability and inclusive growth to the economy.
  • Reform the Bank of Ghana and rejuvenate the almost collapsed banking and financial secto
  • Prioritize local participation in the banking, financial, telecommunications, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction sectors to generate more jobs for the youth.
  • Actively attract viable and serious private sector investors to partner government to invest in productive sectors for job creation.
  • Lead a process to set a standardized limit for borrowing and ensure that Ghana never suffers such a deadly debt management programme that threatens to send elderly people holding government bonds to their early graves and wipe out the investments of the Ghanaian middle class.
  • Complete abandoned and ongoing projects instead of rushing to start new ones.
  • Establish a Governance Advisory Council to help improve political governance, curb corruption, and ensure respect for human rights.
  • Run the leanest but most efficient government under the fourth republic by appointing not more than 60 ministers and deputy ministers in our bid to cut down on government expenditure.
  • Abolish the payment of ex-gratia and cut out waste and ostentation in government



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