Healthcare Practitioner Reveals ‘Cocaine-like’ Drug Dr Grace Boadu Was Allegedly Addicted To That Likely Killed Her


A Ghanaian healthcare practitioner has uncovered the exact drug that Dr Maurice Ampaw alleged the late Dr Grace Boadu willfully abused.

According to the health worker who posted on social media, based on the description given by Maurice Ampaw, Dr Grace Boadu was likely abusing pethidine injection.

In a recent interview, Dr Maurice Ampaw, who was a lawyer to the pastor boyfriend of the late Dr Boadu, said she was abusing a certain drug which she took in as injections.

Ampaw said Dr Boadu often suffered some sort of debilitating pain that when it arrives, nothing can stop apart from her taking a certain injection.

He said there was one time she took the injection at Kotoka International Airport and nearly went mad!

Reacting to these claims, a health worker said it is likely “she was addicted to pethidine injection,”

The health worker said: “Most medical practitioners abuse it …. I realized it after listening to Lawyer Ampaw’s interviews. My sure mind,”

When someone asked to explain what kind of drug it was, the person wrote: “It’s more like cocaine in its refined form … most health practitioners abuse it because of its work on the central nervous system.

“By making u drowsy, feeling happy and exited about everything little thing , and as pain killer but more so affect your system when u get addicted. Excessive use can cause tremors , muscles twitching and severe seizures that can lead to death.


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