GES releases the proposed five subjects for 2024 BECE


Ghana Education Service (GES) has released the proposed five (5) subjects that the 2024 BECE candidates will sit for.

GES stated that upon deliberations and basing/accepting findings from NaCCA, other stakeholders, and expert advice, they have realized that reducing the 8 or 9 subjects to 5 for the BECE candidates write will be the best way forward.

Based on that, the 2024 BECE will be written in only five (5) subjects.

Their findings mentioned that the subjects BECE candidates sit for over the years were too much. Also, they agreed that some of the subjects are learned repetitively hence, the reduction.

GES mentioned that a subject like OWOP and Social Studies are subjects that have similar contents and look tedious when teaching the same subjects but under a different structured content name.

According to GES, “they have reduced” the subjects by introducing a new subject.

GES thought it wise that learning should not be a punishment to the pupils it must rather be meaningful and productive.

Confirming the 5 subjects to be written they stated categorically that “For the 2024 BECE, the subjects to be written are five(5).

The five (5) subjects are as follows: English Language Mathematics, Science, Ghanaian Language, and General Knowledge.

They have introduced a new subject, General Knowledge. The Service said that the General Knowledge subject/paper encompasses subjects like ICT, RME, Social Studies, and others.

Explaining the motive behind the new paper/subject, it was disclosed that the General Knowledge paper will help the candidates exhibit mastery of ideas across the subject areas.


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