Former Asante Kotoko defender, Samuel Appiah levels serious allegations Prosper Narteh Ogum


Former Asante Kotoko defender, Samuel Appiah, has leveled serious accusations against Prosper Narteh Ogum, claiming the coach shows little respect for his reserve players.

Appiah, who spent the 2021 season with Kotoko, alleged that Ogum has a clear preference for his starting eleven and deliberately keeps bench players sidelined. In an interview with Saddick Adams TV, Appiah voiced his concerns about Ogum’s attitude towards reserve players, stating that the coach’s behavior can harm a player’s career and motivation.

Ex-Asante Kotoko defender Samuel Appiah accuses coach Prosper Ogum of  disrespecting bench players
Ex-Asante Kotoko defender Samuel Appiah accuses coach Prosper Ogum of disrespecting bench players

“I don’t think Coach Ogum respects the reserve players who sit on the bench; he believes in his starting eleven,” Appiah said. “This lack of respect and understanding can lead to a lack of motivation among players who are not getting regular game time.” Appiah further described Ogum as an “intolerant person” who is “very quick-tempered.” He warned that the coach’s impatience and personal vendettas could jeopardize a player’s career.

“He’s an intolerant person, very quick-tempered. I would advise him to change his attitude and learn how to respect players,” Appiah added. Appiah claimed that Ogum takes things personally and can hold grudges against players, making it difficult for them to rejoin the team after a disagreement with the coach. “Yes, Coach Ogum can be irritable, and he takes things personally.

He won’t let you play in his squad if he has problems with you,” Appiah said. Despite considering Ogum a father figure, Appiah believes that the coach’s attitude towards players will continue to hurt his career. “We won the league for him during his first season,” Appiah noted. “But his attitude towards players can make it difficult for him to achieve similar success in the future.”



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