Filling a court document doesn’t come with a fee – Chief Justice


During the inauguration of the Kotobabi District Court in the Ayawaso Central Municipal Assembly, part of the 100 Courthouses program initiated by the government in 2020 to enhance judicial infrastructure, Chief Justice Torkornoo conveyed her message.

“If a court bailiff asks you to pay for transport in order to carry out service on a client, do not pay for his transport. If a Court registrar assists you to fill a court document, do not pay for that,” she stated.

The court, supported by resources from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and District Assemblies Common Fund, boasts modern facilities such as offices, washrooms, cells, solar power, a standby generator, and a borehole.

Chief Justice Torkornoo utilized the occasion to launch a community sensitization program titled “Improving Justice Delivery Through Community Engagement.” She stressed the importance of professionalism among court administrative staff, encouraging a friendly and efficient court environment.

Acknowledging the acute challenges in infrastructure at the district level, she underscored the need to address these issues to maintain confidence in the justice system, emphasizing that access to justice is crucial for peace, security, and investor confidence.

“To this end, I will urge staff who would be working in this court to exhibit a high level of professionalism in the discharge of their duties.

The Chief Justice emphasized the collective responsibility for the administration of justice, urging the public to actively engage in legal matters.

She highlighted the law as a potent tool for conflict resolution and the cornerstone of modern societies, underscoring its role in maintaining Ghana’s proud peace.

Achibald Mac Amuasi Cobbina, Ayawaso Central Municipal Chief Executive Officer, expressed elation over the establishment of the court, emphasizing its significance in decentralizing justice and preventing vigilantism in the community.

Mr Cobbina pledged ongoing support to ensure the court’s maintenance.



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