Female presenter details how she scaled a wall to catch a cheating partner


A Ghanaian Radio personality Animwaa Addo has shared one of the craziest lengths she went to catch a cheating partner.

According to her, a partner she was with had suddenly changed his very unusual sleeping time.

So she decided to visit him unannounced after they had said their goodbyes for the day.

When she got to his house, the gate was locked from the inside so she had to scale the wall and enter the house.

She used the back gate and picked the locks to his room.

Animwaa Addo said she met her partner with another woman and that ended the relationship.

Several women have reacted to her story with similar stories indicating that it is imperative to go to all extents to ensure that your partner is really yours and not a commodity being shared by other women.

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Source: ghanaweb

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