Father of late Aburi Girls student gives an account of what happened


A final year student of Aburi Girls Senior High School, reportedlly died on February 6, 2024, after the school authorities failed to provide her with adequate medical care, according to her father.

According to him, the school has to be blamed for the death of his daughter. He recounted receiving a call from the headmistress of the school on Sunday, February 4, 2024, asking him to come and pick his daughter because she was not feeling well.

“Last Sunday, February 4, 2024, I had a call unfortunately I couldn’t pick. Then another one came through but with another number but I thought it was the same person who was trying to reach me with another number.

“Later on, the same number called my wife on our way out. When she picked the call, it was the headmistress of the school. In the call, she asked us to come and pick our daughter because she wasn’t feeling well. “They kept calling even as I was on my way to the school to find out we had gotten to. Could you believe that between Accra and Aburi, it took me about 35 minutes?” he narrated. “…

In my mind, my daughter had some mild illness and so I was going there. But when I got there, my daughter was lying on the floor unconscious and the madam who was calling was sitting by her side together with other students, not knowing she was almost dead.

“We rushed her to the Tetteh Quashie Hospital. On arrival, a doctor tapped me and said my daughter was dead.” He said that he blamed the school for the death of his daughter, as they did not take her to the hospital in time, and even asked him for his National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card before admitting her.

“The NHIS they were requesting from me before they admit my daughter, what is the purpose of the health insurance? “Why didn’t the school take my child to the hospital before they called me? When they decided to call me, what were they expecting me to do in the space of emergency?” he asked.


Source: ghanaweb

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