ECG explains recent power outages in Ashanti Region


The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has explained the recent intermittent power cuts in the Ashanti Region.

The ECG attributed the outages to internal faults and the restoration of redundancies in power distribution.

In the past few days, certain parts of the region have faced intermittent power outages, with some areas enduring darkness for nearly 12 hours at a stretch.

This situation has adversely affected businesses and livelihoods in the region. Many are hinting of a possible of a possible load shedding exercise known in local parlance as ‘dumsor’.

But the Ashanti South Business Unit of ECG has allied their fears noting that, there would be no load shedding.

They maintained that, the power cuts are primarily due to the ongoing restoration of redundancies in the power distribution system.

While acknowledging the inconvenience caused by the outages, the company emphasizes its commitment to resolving internal faults promptly and ensure consumers have constant power supply.



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