E/R: Unauthorized withdrawals from account of a missing retired midwife raises concern


The disappearance of Faustina Asantewaa, a retired midwife residing in Akwatia, has left her family in distress and seeking answers. Faustina, aged 76, vanished on September 12, 2023, around 5:30 pm from her home where she lived with her daughter Benedicta Agyiewaa Sasu and son-in-law.

Following her disappearance, a report was filed with the Akwatia District Police command, and subsequent investigations were initiated.

However, progress has been slow, with concerns raised by the family regarding the lackluster investigation by the local police.

Suspicion arose when Faustina’s sandals were mysteriously found near a river, suggesting a possible drowning.

Despite extensive searches conducted by divers and community members, no further traces of her whereabouts have been discovered.

Afrifa Sasu, one of the four children of the missing retired midwife narrated “Report was lodged the following morning at Akwatia District Police command. So later they invited my sister to write her statement.

“Two days after the police came around to commence investigation. Her sandals was strangely discovered her sandals near river side portraying she has drowned but we strongly don’t believe so.We went to the palace and the chief announced to the community to help find the missing woman. Divers searched through the river while others searched the bush for hours but to no avail”.

Faustina’s health condition, neuropathy, which caused numbness and difficulty walking, further complicates suspicion of her disappearance.

Adding to the family’s distress, unauthorized withdrawals have been made from Faustina’s bank account since her disappearance.

Withdrawals totaling Ghc6000 in October, November, and December have raised suspicions, particularly regarding her daughter and son-in-law, who resided with her.

“In October they withdrew Gh2000, November too they withdrew ghc2000 then December ghc2000. We suspect my sister and her husband who stayed with our missing mother” Afrifa said.

Despite these alarming developments, efforts to obtain bank account details for further investigation have been hindered by administrative delays.

According to the local Police, absence of a judge required to issue an order to the bank has stalled progress, leaving the family frustrated and feeling that the police investigation lacks urgency.

“The Police however says the judge who will issue an order to the bank to print out details of the account of the missing woman is on leave so they can’t proceed but we clearly observe that the police are not interested in the case because of the floppy nature of the investigation.

“It is almost a year we are not seeing anything positive” Afrifa lamented.

With nearly six months passing since her disappearance and no significant breakthroughs in the investigation, the family remains apprehensive .

An accountant, Afrifa Sasu, one of the four children of the missing retired midwife has for instance taken one year leave without salary to commit to intense search for the whereabout of their mother.


Content by: Kojo Ansah

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