Drama as family rejects death reports, forcefully carry corpse to prayer camp for miracle


The family of a popular hairdresser at Jema in Western Region, Afia Amoakoaa, popularly known as Maafia, has vehemently rejected reports of her death, insisting that divine intervention is needed.

Afia was pronounced dead by a medical doctor at Jema Government Hospital, but the family, convinced that she was still alive, took her body to a prayer camp for a miraculous revival.

The family engaged in fervent prayers at the camp, seeking a miracle for the hairdresser.

However, after several hours of fruitless attempts, they reluctantly returned her body to the mortuary.

Justifying their actions, some family members, including the Assembly member for the area, said Afia’s body felt warm and too fresh to be declared dead.

The family was already mourning the death of Afia mother’s who will be buried on February 10, 2024 so it was difficult the accept the sudden demise of another family member.

But, the medical doctor who declared Afia dead stopped the morgue from accepting the body.

He asked the family to write formally acknowledging that indeed their daughter is dead before the body can be deposited at the morgue.

Meanwhile, the family has agreed to submit the letter immediately to preserve the body.



Source: AdomOnline.com

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