Doctor reveals exactly what happens when you use your phone on the toilet – and it’s grim


We’re all guilty of sending a text or flicking through social media while on the toilet – but a gastroenterologist has shared the grim truth about what happens to our bodies while doing so.

Although it may be somewhere you can be alone in peace, spending a long time there could cause some unwanted health issues that could easily be avoided. According to the experts, we should all ignore the urge to bring our phones with us. Dr Joseph Salhab has revealed that being on our phones while on the loo can cause prolonged sitting and straining, which can cause haemorrhoids known as piles. As well as health issues, it can also leave nasty bacteria on our screens too.

While it may seem innocent to scroll and go to the toilet, Dr Joseph, who goes by the name @thestomachdoc, has advised how we can curb the bad habit. “Straining and prolonged sitting when you’re trying to use the restroom puts you at risk for developing haemorrhoids which can be painful and bleed,” Dr Joseph explained, and added: “Definitely try to limit your phone use while you’re using the bathroom.”

Another point the doctor had was to adjust how we sit while on the toilet. He advised to use a stepping stool and said: “Because when you raise your feet it allows easier passage of stool – which is really beneficial.” He also suggested that for those who may struggle to go to the toilet to include more fruit in their diet to help with their bowel movements. He said: “Increase your fibre with fruits that can help stimulate bowel movements.

“This includes things like kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, apples, pears, prunes and the vitamin C helps as well,” by including these foods in your diet, you may be able to cut down the time you take on the toilet and resist the urge to unlock your phone. The Doctor also reminded people to make sure they are drinking enough water, as he explained that water and fibre go hand in hand.

People flooded the comments section with their thoughts, as one person chimed: “Sometimes I have no choice to sit there for hours, so I’m going to bring my phone to keep the company,” to which Dr Joseph was shocked they spent hours on the toilet. While another added: “I’m too broke to be buying fruit When all of my money is going towards rent,” to which the doc responded: “Try fibre supplementation. Can help with the monthly bills.”



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