Crazy Abena Korkor Details the Wildest Thing She’s Ever Done


Abena Korkor, probably the wildest creature God ever created, has revealed the wildest thing she’s ever done in her life.

Korkor, during an interview with Zionfelix, revealed that she at a point dated 6 guys simultaneously and none of them knew about it!

She said all 6 were friends too!

According to her, she had to do that because of how difficult life is in Accra!

She also revealed that she often feels bored when she doesn’t have anything doing and hence she seeks out the company of men.

Korkor claims she’s trying to be better these days and now has dogs to keep her company when bored.

Reacting to her claim, a social media user said she was played but that the friends knew what she was doing and just used her for their own purposes.



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