Black Friday sales – Cyber Security Authority warns the General Public


The Cyber Security Authority says it recorded a 50% increase in business fraud, from 159 cases in 2022 to 320 as at October, 2023.

It’s a few days to the much-anticipated black Friday sales and the Authority is urging the public to be vigilant about the freebies that come with the sales period.

Black Friday Sales is gaining traction in Ghana just as in many other countries.

Shops and some retail and wholesale outlets give whopping discounts on all products to attract customers who fall over themselves to buy at the discounted rates.

Here in Ghana, patrons have varied views about the black Friday sales.

Agyapongmaa says she looks forward to the period, as she’s able to buy more, with little. Adjeley, however says though she sees advertisement about the reduced sales, she does not believe in it.

“I don’t believe in black Friday, because the prices are not realistic, so I don’t take part in it” she added.

But not everyone is enthused about the discounted sales, as unscrupulous persons take advantage of the frenzy to defraud others, and that is the story of ivy.

She lost 500 cedis last year, after she paid for shoes that were never delivered to her.

“I saw the shoes, I was interested in it, so I paid before delivery, but I never received it. I called the vendor so many times, but it never came, that was when I realized I was scammed”, she lamented.

According to her, she has learnt her lessons and now looks out for some basic measures before she buys online.

A security officer at the Cyber Security Authority, Cudjoe Seshie says the increasing number of fraud cases is a source of worry.

“The cases we received have doubled since last year, and its important that we inform people, especially around this time, to be vigilant when doing business online,” he added. The Authority has provided some precautionary measures.

“There are some best practices which are basic that everyone must follow. Don’t pay before delivery, deal with the known brands ad always verify the exact location of anyone you want to buy from,” he advised.

Black Friday sale is usually marked in November, with companies offering their products at cheaper prices as the year draws to a close.



Content by: Grace Hamoah-Agyemang




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