Bawumia addresses Alan Kyerematen’s claims of NPP’s lack of election message


Speaking at the NPP International Women’s Conference in London, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia expressed his incredulity at suggestions that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) lacks a message for the upcoming 2024 elections. 

Amid global challenges faced by economies worldwide, Dr. Bawumia highlighted the NPP government’s commendable achievements since assuming office in 2017 while acknowledging the need for further progress.

Former Trade Minister Alan Kyerematen, who aspires to be the NPP flagbearer, recently stated that the party lacks an election message.

Mr Kyerematen said due to the economic hardship, the NPPs key message for campaigning as a party for the 2024 election had become difficult.

However, the Vice President maintains that the NPP administration could run on its “tall list of achievements”.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, when you look at this impressive list of achievements, one cannot deny their monumental nature. Let nobody tell you that we don’t have a message for 2024,” declared Dr. Bawumia.

He added a note of caution, acknowledging that while significant progress has been made, there is still more work to be done. The government remains committed to further efforts and endeavours to fulfil its responsibilities diligently. Dr. Bawumia’s address in London is perceived by analysts as a response to Kyerematen’s claim.

Acknowledging the government’s journey, Dr. Bawumia emphasized the solid track record of achievements despite facing global and domestic challenges. He underscored the importance of recognizing the country’s state and the inherited challenges, along with the government’s proactive solutions.

Among the challenges mentioned by the Vice President were high unemployment rates, prolonged power outages (dumsor), a deteriorated national health insurance system, nearly collapsed ambulance services, a freeze on public sector employment, a struggling banking sector, skyrocketing utility bills, poor economic indicators, sluggish agricultural and industrial growth, the cancellation of teacher and nursing training allowances, and the burden of a $1 billion annual payment for a take-or-pay excess energy capacity deal negotiated by the previous government.

Following the extensive list of challenges, Dr. Bawumia presented a comprehensive range of programs, projects, and policies implemented by the NPP Government in sectors such as employment, education, health, agriculture, industries, security, energy, and digitalization.

Highlighting economic improvements achieved before setbacks from the global COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Dr. Bawumia showcased the government’s efforts to enhance education by addressing unequal access through the flagship Free SHS program. He also highlighted infrastructure developments, including the construction of numerous classroom blocks nationwide.

Addressing the “inherited problem” of high unemployment, Dr. Bawumia commended the government for lifting the freeze on public sector employment imposed by the previous administration. He noted that the NPP Government has created over 2 million jobs, which can be verified.

Furthermore, the Vice President emphasized the growth achieved in agriculture and industries, underscoring the NPP’s notable accomplishments in the health sector. These achievements include improvements to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), the provision of ambulances for every constituency, the introduction of drones for emergency medical supplies in remote areas, and advancements in pediatric cancer treatment. Dr. Bawumia also highlighted the government’s flagship Agenda 111 health initiative aimed at constructing district and regional hospitals.

Reviving the industrial sector was another area of focus in Dr. Bawumia’s address, with particular emphasis on the successful revival of companies such as Anglogold Ashanti, WAMCO, Ghana Publishing, Ghanapost, and the establishment of multiple factories under the 1D1F initiative.

The pinnacle of Dr. Bawumia’s speech came when he discussed digitization, listing various initiatives undertaken by the government and the problems they have effectively addressed. The audience responded with resounding applause, appreciating the detailed delivery of accomplishments


Content by: Kweku Zurek


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