Anas makes shocking revelation about money he uses as bribe during investigations


Undercover investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has disclosed that, in some instances, the substantial sums of money he paid as bribes during undercover investigations have been retained as permanent exhibits by authorities, never to be returned.

Anas shared this insight during his appearance at the Disruptionlab Network event in Germany, where he discussed his work combating organized crime in Africa with CNN’s Stephanie Busari. Busari inquired whether Anas ever recovers the bribe money from the individuals to whom he paid it.

Shedding light on the unique fate of such funds, Anas responded, “Well, it depends. There’s been certain occasions that the money has been used as exhibits, and the people who used it as exhibits kept it as exhibits, permanent exhibits.” The question that prompted this revelation originated from a member of the German audience.

Addressing the funding source for these operations, Anas explained, “So we are a media house, and we have views, we have clicks, we have radio stations that we go into some form of alliance with. So before we start any investigation, there is a budget, and that budget is what goes into the film.

” He acknowledged the financial challenges but emphasized the importance of the work. He said, “We wish we could get more to do what we do, but we try, and we wish we will not be paying more, but sometimes you just have to pay more to get it

” Anas also touched on the complex relationship with law enforcement, acknowledging his role as a critic of the Ghana Police Service while recognizing moments when collaboration becomes essential. He emphasized the need to separate personal interests from the pursuit of justice.


Source: ghanaweb.ocm

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