Alphonso Davies explains decision to dump Ghana to play for Canada


Alphonso Davies, the talented defender from Bayern Munich, recently revealed that the Ghana Football Association (GFA) reached out to him via Instagram with an offer to represent Ghana. However, due to the timing of the communication, Davies was unable to consider the opportunity.

Despite being born in Ghana to Liberian parents, Davies had the option to choose between Ghana and Liberia for international representation. However, after obtaining Canadian citizenship in June 2017, he made the decision to play for Canada.

Davies explained that although there was an attempt from the Ghana FA to recruit him, the timing was not favorable for him to reconsider his decision.

He shared, “Ghana never reached out and also my mum was like, no [to the idea of me playing for Ghana],” he said when quizzed whether was an option to play for the country of his birth.

“I was playing like not even like the academy they never like said [anything about wanting me] I wasn’t a big name. When the news came out that I was going to Bayern, then I got a message from the Ghana Federation.

He further elaborated that the communication came via Instagram because they didn’t have his phone number or email. However, by that point, Davies had already acquired Canadian citizenship and committed to representing Canada, making it impossible for him to change his allegiance.

“I think it was someone on the federation he texted me on Instagram because he didn’t have my number or email. But it was too late, at that time I had already got my citizenship and already made it to [represent] Canada.”

Since making his international debut in June 2017, Davies has impressively scored 13 goals for the Canadian national team, showcasing his exceptional talent on the international stage.


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