Alan Shakes Kumasi, Endorses 24hr Economy, but….


The 2023 ‘Afrafranto’ Walk organised by the leader of the Movement for Change, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen ended in Kumasi, Ashanti Region on December 2.

The walk which was under the theme “Let us Walk Together for Victory 2024,” garnered enthusiastic participation from thousands of Ghanaians expressing their support for Mr. Kyerematen’s presidential candidacy.

Commencing at 6 am from Bekwai roundabout, Kumasi, the walk showcased a sea of yellow-clad participants and supporters, adorned with attire bearing the inscription “vote Alan.”

Participants of the walk held placards with messages such as ‘End of NDC-NPP Duopoly,’ ‘Alan for Youth,’ ‘GTP has 24 Hour Economy Already,’ and ‘Alan the People’s Choice.’

During his address at the event, Mr. Kyerematen emphasised the urgency of implementing a 24-hour economy.

However, he underscored the prerequisite of fixing the economy first, asserting that an economy in crisis cannot sustain such an initiative.

Outlining his vision, the former Trade and Industry Minister emphasised his commitment to addressing economic challenges before embarking on the ambitious 24-hour economy initiative.

Mr. Kyerematen clarified that fixing the economy is only a necessary condition and not a sufficient condition for the success of the 24-hour economy initiative.

He explained that even when the country’s monetary issues are resolved, additional measures will be imperative for the policy to effectively take root.

The Movement for Change leader outlined key policy areas, including industrialisation, infrastructure development, information technology, and tourism as priorities for his government.

These initiatives, he asserted, would lay the groundwork for the successful implementation of the 24-hour economy when he assumes the presidency after the upcoming general election.


Source: Prince Adu-Owusu

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